Wytec Projects

Wytec Projects

Wytec has two primary revenue sources – in-building cellular enhancement and mobile cellular services as a wholesale provider. Our work within these technologies spans years and customer trust and loyalty is growing. Please review our projects and let us know how we can develop projects or services for your building and your customers.

Private LTE for Education

Wytec developed a Private LTE network for a Bexar County School District. Our children’s education relies on fast and reliable internet connectivity and our efforts will ensure every student can stay connected during this time of distance learning. Wytec is making strides to bridge the Digital Divide in Texas so that all children can have access to a digital education, regardless their family income or local infrastructure.

Our Cellular Enhancement Projects

Wytec has worked with multiple businesses, and recently a school, to provide in-building cellular enhancement services. Through our projects, Wytec has gained experience in government contracts, Texas school procurement processes, and even in the food service industry. Our cellular enhancement projects can help businesses to have better in-building mobile cellular service, including expanded signal strength and coverage for all four major US carriers. We offer “ever-green” technology to keep your system updated at all times, and discounted pricing may be available to qualifying school districts.

Our Mobile Cellular Projects

Wytec has invested more than five years advancing its intellectual property related to fixed and mobile wireless distribution. In September of 2017, Wytec was awarded a “utility” patent on its LPN-16 Small Cell technology from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) clearing a path for the development of 5G deployments in Columbus, Ohio and San Antonio, Texas.

In June of 2019, the FCC awarded an “experimental use” license to Wytec for the testing of the newly issued Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum operating in the 3.5 GHz frequency band. Wytec is currently under a technical trial testing the CBRS spectrum and will be integrating the CBRS radio and Wi-Fi 6 within the Company’s LPN-16 Small Cell to complete its technical trials. During this trial, Wytec completed a VoLTE call over CBRS, which may be the first of its kind.