Investor FAQs

Investor Frequently Asked Questions

When was Wytec International incorporated?
Wytec International was incorporated in October 2017. In 2017, the Company was spun off from Competitive Companies, Inc. (CCI).
What does Wytec do?
Wytec International is a telecommunications company holding a patent for the LPN-16 , a neutral host small cell designed to support 5G. Currently, a significant amount of our revenue is generated through Cellular Enhancement and Private LTE services with an emphasis on the educational marketplace. Additional revenue initiatives utilize Wytec’s LPN-16 technology as a small cell solution for deploying 5G networks throughout citywide coverage.
Where is Wytec International located?
Our headquarters is located at 19206 Huebner Rd #202, San Antonio, TX 78258.
What is the current offering?
Our current offering is a 9.5% Secured Convertible note program with a minimum investment of $25,000. To qualify for a pre-IPO investment you must be an Accredited Investor*
*Earn more than $200,000/yr, have a net worth of $1MM+ not including primary residence, or are an Institutional Investor
Has Wytec raised capital and revenue recently?
Wytec has raised approximately $30 million since 2016. Additionally, in 2019, Wytec ramped-up its Cellular Enhancement Services through winning a bid with an Independent School District (ISD) in Texas. The winning bid opened up a significant door for Wytec to secure 139 additional ISDs as part of an ISD Alliance.
Who are Wytec’s board members?
Click here for information about our board members.
Who is on the Wytec executive leadership team?
Click here for information about our executive leadership team.
How can I buy stock in Wytec International?
Accredited Investors* can purchase through contacting our Investor Relations team at or (888)284-4531
*Earn more than $200,000/yr, have a net worth of $1MM+ not including primary residence, or are an Institutional Investor
How do I change the address on my shareholder account?
You can make the change through your brokerage account or by contacting us at 844-804-6067.
What do I do if I’ve lost my stock certificates?
You should contact our office at 844-804-6067.
When does Wytec’s fiscal year-end?
December 31st
Who is Wytec’s transfer agent?
Transhare Securities Transfer and Registrar
2849 Executive Dr, Suite 200
Clearwater FL 33762
Office: (303) 662-1112
Fax: (727) 269-5616
How can I contact investor relations for Wytec?
Please email Investor Relations or call 210-233-8980.
How can I contact the Wytec International board of directors?
Please contact our office at 888-284-4531 or email Investor Relations.
Who can I contact for general information about Wytec International?
For general information, please contact us.
How can I have financial documents sent to me?
Please contact Investor Relations.