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Increasing your cellular signal does not have to be a difficult process. Depending on your needs, there are a variety of solutions – single carrier options, carrier pre-approved options, and multi-carrier cellular enhancement solutions. Wytec offers ever-green solutions to meet your growing needs.

No More Dead Zones and Dropped Calls

Guaranteed voice, messaging, and data coverage throughout the entire building. "Hello, I can't hear you" will be a thing of the past. 

Design, Installation, and Maintenance

We tailor your solution to fit your needs based on building type, materials, and square footage. 

Supports All Mobile Carriers

Compatible with all major carriers in the U.S such as Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and more.

Enhanced Safety

Stay connected, stay safe – with improved cellphone signal, you'll have peace of mind knowing 911 is just a call away in any eventuality.

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How Cellular DAS Works



A carrier tower transmits a cellular signal, and the signal travels.



A cellular signal enhancement solution is installed within a building consisting of an antenna, a receiver, and a HUB. These are discretely installed.



Once the system is active, the system’s antenna takes the outside cellular signal and rebroadcasts it within the building. This is a stronger, more amplified signal than outside.



As a result, employees, tenants, and IoT devices have access to enhanced cellular signals indoors, delivering smoother communication and happier people.

Why Is It Necessary?
Cellular enhancement brings outdoor cellular signal inside. Outside cellular towers broadcast signals in an area and the further the signals must travel, the weaker they become. This results in inadequate cell service – slower phones, dropped calls and poor voice quality.

Building materials can also cause poor cell signal. The outdoor signal cannot penetrate thick or dense material like concrete walls, shielded areas, certain kinds of wood, or even energy-efficient windows.

Cellular signal enhancement solutions increase your in-building signal strength by capturing outdoor signal from nearby cell towers, amplifying it, and rebroadcasting the enhanced signal indoors. This is done by placing an exterior antenna on the building to capture the signal and transmitting it inside to the amplifier. Subsequently, the amplified signal is rebroadcasted via antennas located inside your building. Alternatively, a device called a small cell, located inside the building, can provide the donor signal to be amplified and distributed indoors using the same method.

Key Projects


Laredo ISD Cellular Enhancement

In 2019, Laredo Independent School District (Laredo ISD), in Texas, put out an RFP that Wytec won, and in doing, so Wytec became an approved vendor for districts within the Central Texas Purchasing Alliance (CTPA) seeking this solution.


Fountain Place Building Garage

In Dallas, Texas, the Fountain Place building tenants complained that the garage provided limited to no cellular service. Building management felt it to be a significant safety concern to their tenants and employees.


NASA - Johnson Space Center

Houston’s Johnson Space Center faced a problem that many companies face. Due to poor coverage in buildings across the campus, there were cellular "dead zones" and dropped calls.

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