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The Road to Public Listing


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January 2021

School District Revenues

School District Revenues – January 2021 –   In 2019, Wytec was awarded a contract with Laredo Independent School District (ISD) in Laredo, Texas, through..Read More

February 2021

MVNO Revenues

MVNO Revenues – February 2021 –   As Wytec builds out its ISD projects, it is automatically constructing a network capable of providing Mobile Virtual..Read More

February 2021

Patent Revenues

Patent Revenues – February 2021 – February 2022-   In October of 2017, Wytec was awarded its first patent on its proprietary LPN-16 small cell,..Read More

February 2021

Revenues/Share Price

Revenues/Share Price – February 2021 – December 2025 –   When capturing Wytec’s revenue potential from all products and services, Wytec’s consolidated financial forecast projects..Read More

February 2021

Road to Listing- Step 1

Road to Listing – Step 1 – Investment Bankers – February 2021 –   Wytec’s first step on its road to listing, was the selection..Read More

June 2021

Road to Listing- Step 2

Road to Listing – Step 2 – Reg A+ Filing – June 2021 –   Wytec filed its Reg A+ filing with the SEC in..Read More

August 2021

Road to Listing- Step 3

Road to Listing – Step 3 – Independent Valuation – August 2021 –   An independent valuation consists of the approximate value of a company..Read More

November 2021

Road to Listing – Final Step

Road to Listing- Final Step- Securing a Market Sponsor – November 2021 –   Upon Wytec’s Regulation A+ Offering becoming Effective by the SEC, Wytec..Read More