Road to Listing – Step 3 – Independent Valuation

– August 2021 –


An independent valuation consists of the approximate value of a company based on discounted cashflows (DCF) and any intellectual property that could influence forecasted revenues. Wytec has two patents that will influence the total valuation of Wytec. Wytec has engaged Dr. Sam Khoury, a renowned patent appraiser, to perform a qualified SEC patent appraisal to be included with its overall valuation. Wytec’s initial price-per-share of $11.15 was derived by its current DCF valuation without the additional consideration of its patents. Wytec anticipates that its independent patent valuation, when included, will add substantial value to the Company. The new independent valuation will be completed by July 2021. (See Forecasted Price- per-Share Chart)