Patent Revenues

– February 2021 – February 2022-


In October of 2017, Wytec was awarded its first patent on its proprietary LPN-16 small cell, which has 16 ports for individual radios, antenna, and routers enabling multi-spectrum neutral-host features. The technology is focused on delivering 5G services across a citywide area. On December 15th, 2020, Wytec was awarded its second patent with additional enhancements to the first patent. This is a multi-phase development process and can sometimes take years to commercialize. Wytec has engaged Southwest Research Institute, (one of the largest non-profit research firms in the world) to certify and validate the 5G features of the LPN-16 upon final development. Wytec is in phase-two of its development processes and is forecasting commercialization between late 2021 or early 2022 and forecasts revenues to exceed $30 Million by year-five.