Wytec’s Note Buy-Back Program to its
9.5% Convertible Secured Note


Please Note: The Note Buy-Back Program applies only to those that have subscribed to Wytec’s 9.5% Convertible Secured Note Program and is payable 31 days after Wytec’s stock has been trading on the Nasdaq Capital Markets. Wytec plans to utilize the GEM Facility described below to make its Buy-Back Note Purchase.


On July 5th, 2023, Wytec signed a Stock Subscription Facility (SSF) with Global Emerging Markets (GEM) requiring GEM (under certain conditions) to purchase up to $100M in Wytec’s Common Capital Stock upon its listing on the Nasdaq Capital Markets. According to the Facility conditions, Wytec can place a funding against the SSF for up to 400% of Wytec’s average trading volume for the applicable 30-day period(s), multiplied by 90% of the 30-day moving (average) stock price.

Wytec plans to place a funding request from GEM of up to $25M against the Facility on the 31st day of trading and purchase 100%, or a portion thereof, of the outstanding converted notes from Wytec’s 9.5% Convertible Secured Note Program. The purchase price will be established at $8.00 per share for a profit of $3.00 above the $5.00 converted Note price.

The Note purchase is expected to occur within 3 days following the 30-day required trading period by GEM but not later than 15 days. Wytec reserves the right to require an average of $10.00 per share or more over the 30-day average stock price prior to executing its funding rights under GEM Facility and subsequently make payments to the Note holders.

If interested in participating in Wytec’s Note Buy-Back Program, please let it be known by completing the Form below.

Note: Additional provisions and conditions may apply and will be described in more detail in an Addendum to the existing 9.5% Convertible Secured Note Program.