Wytec’s 9.5 Secured Convertible Note Program (Buy-Back Offer)

Interest Rate- Wytec pays a guaranteed 9.5% annualized interest rate throughout the life of the loan with Interest accrued up to a conversion into publicly traded shares on the Nasdaq Capital Markets.

Collateral Interest- Wytec secures the Note Holders with two (2) world class patents supporting 5G services and has most recently filed two additional provisional patents for its AI/Blockchain technologies.

Automatic Conversion- the Note is automatically converted on the first day of trading with a fixed stock price of $5.00 per share.

Note Buy-Back Offer- the Company is offering a buy-back plus accrued interest of $8.00 per share within the first 30 days of trading secured by the GEM Stock Subscription Facility. Certain conditions apply. (Included in Note Supplement)

Buy-Back Offer supported by GEM

Global Emerging Markets ("GEM") is a multiple billion-dollar alternative investment group that manages a diverse set of investment vehicles focused on emerging markets across the world. The partners have a century of collective experience and as a group have invested in 305 companies across 65 countries.

GEM Utilization for Buy-Back-$5M

Wytec will utilize its GEM SSF $25M funding on the first day of trading to secure the purchase of up to $5M of its Buy-Back Offer to all current holders of its 9.5% Convertible Secured Note Program.

Wytec 9.5% Note Program expires on September 30, 2023

For those interested in purchasing the 9.5% Convertible Secured Note with the Buy-Back Offer, please click on the link below or call 888-284-4531 and request the Note Documents.