Wytec Finders Program

How to Become a Wytec Investment Finder

What is an Investment Finder?

Finder Definition: An Investment Finder (“Finder”) operates under a status defined by the SEC that allows (under certain circumstances), a non-licensed registered representative to be compensated from the “introduction” of an investment opportunity on behalf of an issuing company. (See Finders Agreement).

Finder Compensation: The Finder can be compensated up to 3% of the investment amount upon a successful closing of the transaction and can include cash, warrants or a combination of the two. The Finder does “not” get involved in the closing of the transaction and only introduces the prospective investor to review the companies’ documents.

Cash Compensation: Wytec offers cash compensation (up to 3%) of the investor amount to Finders that provide call services involving calling the investor prospect that has completed Wytec’s online Form requesting to be contacted by a Company representative.

Stock Compensation: Wytec offers a stock compensation to Finders in the form of a “cashless warrant share” allowing the warrant share owner to trade the warrant share upon a public listing under Wytec’s current Nasdaq approved warrant share symbol of NADAQ:WYTCW”. See Finder Draft Cashless Warrant defined within Wytec’s Finders Agreement.

Cash and Stock Compensation: Wytec offers a cash and stock (warrant shares) compensation to Finders that perform both securing a qualified investor prospect and introducing the investor prospect to a company executive.

Finder Prospect Qualification: For an investor prospect to qualify as an approved investor lead to the company, the investor prospect must be an “accredited” investor as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Regulation D. A full definition of an accredited investor can be viewed at Accredited Investor Definition.

To Become an Investment Finder

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