Referral Warrant Program

Earn Bonus Warrants

Wytec is excited to offer its current shareholders “Cashless Bonus Warrants Program” for referring investors to Wytec’s 9.5% Convertible Secured Note Program. To earn a cashless warrant, all that is required is to list your referral(s) below, and if they purchase the minimum ($25,000) in the Note Program, Wytec will issue you 2,500 in cashless warrants.

You must notify your referrals that Wytec will be contacting them by email and/or phone to answer any additional questions prior to investing.

It is important for you to view the investor presentation (shown here) prior to submitting referrals in order to be better informed about Wytec’s latest milestone achievements.

What is a Cashless Warrant? 

A Cashless Warrant is defined as a “right” to purchase shares at a specific price called the “strike price” within a certain period of time (Wytec is a 3 year Warrant). This means the warrant holder has the right to purchase Wytec stock at the strike price anytime within a three-year period and sell the warrant above the strike price to earn the difference between the strike price and selling price.

For example: A warrant holder owns a warrant at $5.00 per share and wants to sell it at $10.00 per share in the open market. A cashless warrant means that if the warrant holder sells his warrant shares at $10.00 per share, he will receive the difference between $10.00 (what he sold it for) and $5.00 (what he owns it at). The difference is $5.00 per share. If the warrant holder owns 2,500 warrant shares (the minimum he will receive for a successful referral), he will net 2,500 x $5.00=$12,500 per referral. The selling broker will send the warrant holder the difference in “cash,” with no money required by the warrant holder.

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