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On October 10th, 2017, Wytec received its “Notice of Effectiveness” from the SEC allowing the Company to list its shares on a public market upon meeting the additional requirements as set by the selected listing platform. Subsequent to this event, the Company has contracted with Signals Analytics to perform a valuation of the Company’s shares based on a business case focused on two (2) of Wytec’s telecom services defined as FlexSpeed and SmartDAS. The Company’s patented LPN-16 Small Cell technology was not included in the valuation due to updated technological improvements that could highly affect the Company’s FINRA listing share price. Thus, management decided not to list its shares until these added improvements could be included in the valuation ultimately affecting Wytec’s share price.

The aforementioned improvements will introduce an additional service to the Company’s product/service portfolio related to its cellular business model. SmartDAS, as mentioned above, is an “in-building” cellular solution designed to dramatically improve mobile phone coverage and connections within commercial buildings and represents a multibillion-dollar industry. Most recently, the FCC has introduced a new spectrum that will dramatically improve the in-building cellular industry in the U.S. On June 15th, 2019, Wytec received a temporary right of use for the new spectrum and is now testing the spectrum technology for inclusion within Wytec’s updated LPN-16 technology. This improvement will have a substantial impact on Wytec’s future revenue forecast and will be included in the Company’s pre-IPO valuation.

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