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“My life as an entrepreneur has allowed me the freedom to think outside the box and to pursue challenges that most will not pursue. There is nothing more thrilling or inspiring than to accomplish something others have told you was impossible.”

William H. Gray
CEO & Wytec International Founder
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Passion for Innovation

William H. Gray is the consummate entrepreneur. In 1995, he found that the telecommunications industry was the ‘field of dreams’ for a businessman, like himself, who embraced possibility.

Then, in 2004, fixed wireless broadband emerged, and with it, the perfect storm for a industrialist with Mr. Gray’s decades of experience, talent, and skills.

His talent for investment sales resulted in Mr. Gray’s access to the best and the brightest individuals in the telecommunications industry — and the smartest of investors.

The result is Wytec International and a portfolio of companies that provide next generation broadband services, Fail-Over Solutions, and pricing based on client’s actual data consumption to small businesses, mid-size enterprises, and municipalities.

Today, Wytec International is only a few steps away from offering our shares to the public marketplace.