SAN ANTONIO, TX, April 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wytec International, Inc., a leader and innovator in next generation broadband, has engaged Signals Analytics, LLC to prepare a Valuation and Business Case Report with emphasis on Wytec’s LPN-16 (Light Pole Node) technology, as a high-density neutral-host Small Cell infrastructure layer.

“We believe we are ahead of the game in the strategic use of Small Cell technology for building next generation networks,” says William Gray, CEO and president, Wytec International. Wytec was awarded a utility patent for its LPN-16 from the USPTO in September of 2017, opening the door to a radical approach for building city-wide broadband services. The LPN-16, unlike the conventional design of a small cell, operates as a neutral host allowing an agnostic approach for serving multiple carriers simultaneously.

Gray added, “We are very excited about the integration possibilities of the LPN-16 with both wired and wireless technologies as utilized in multiple dwelling units (MDU) in both the corporate and residential marketplace. We’ve been working extremely hard to align Wytec’s new commercial offerings with its future revenue capabilities and improved asset growth potential.”

Randy Luening, President of Signals, introduced a white paper in 2014 called, Street Light Small Cells – A Revolution in Mobile Operator Network Economics. “There is a compelling business case for a neutral-host small cell infrastructure technology,” said Luening, a renowned expert in the economics of next generation mobile networks.

Signals Analytics, LLC was initially engaged by Wytec in 2016 to prepare a valuation that would assist Wytec in providing a benchmark of value focused on a generic approach to current broadband services then available. The new engagement of Signals will now include a more detailed business case analysis related to Wytec’s future revenues applying the integration of the LPN-16.

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About Wytec International, Inc.

Wytec was founded in 2011 as a Nevada-based corporation with corporate offices in San Antonio, Texas. The Company’s primary business focus is developing its hybrid network utilizing both wireless and wired broadband technologies in support of “ultra” high-speed Internet as well as a support platform for hosting the upcoming Internet of Things (IOT) applications utilizing mobile data services. Wytec is owner of six (6) patents including its latest US patent approved LPN-16.

About Signals Analytics, LLC

Randy Luening, President of Signals Analytics LLC is considered an expert in the field of mobile commercial operator technology in the United States, in Europe, and in Asia including participating in some of the most sophisticated operator economic studies– a key to the successful launch of any commercial business or public-private partnership. His clients include mobile operators, private equity investors and technology pioneers. Randy holds a BS in Electrical Engineering (Duke University), Master of Engineering (Cornell University) and an MBA in Marketing (Wharton School of Business).

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