In the summer of 2015, our Chief Strategy Officer, Angus Davis, was asked to speak at the International Telecommunications Union’s (“ITU”) Regional Development Forum for the Asia-Pacific Region. ITU is the United Nation’s specialized agency for information and communication technologies. It coordinates the shared global use of radio spectrum proliferating improvements to telecom infrastructure in developing worlds as well as creating global technical standards for telecommunications.

The opportunity to speak at the International Telecommunications Union (“ITU”) Bangkok convention came after Mrs. Suvi Linden, former Minister of Communications for Finland, special envoy for the United Nations (“UN”), and Wytec board advisor, recommended us to the UN/ITU organizing committee. Mrs. Linden thought the committee would be highly interested in his research involving concepts and growing trends in smart city business models and technologies to grow economies.

After an in-depth interview with the ITU, Mr. Davis was asked to share his vision to over 200 leaders from 20 countries at the ITU Regional Development Forum for the Asia-Pacific Region. The forum was co-hosted by the Kingdom of Thailand and Australia. Other speakers represented Microsoft, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Secretaries and Under Secretaries of State, Ministers of Communication and major equipment manufacturers.

During his session titled “Harnessing the Benefits of New Technologies,” Mr. Davis addressed the development of Wytec’s success in helping Columbus, Ohio be named one of the top seven most “Intelligent Cities” in the world, for two consecutive years. He also discussed Wytec’s networks, industry research, and business model aimed at delivering enhanced services to small and medium businesses, first responders, service providers, and city governments, which could help grow local economies.

As a result of his presentation, Mr. Davis was invited by ITU Director, Mr. Brahima Sanou, to speak at additional regional and global level UN/ITU governmental leadership conferences as well as join one of the standards board within the ITU.

Following Mr. Sanou’s lead, numerous countries expressed interest in having Wytec better educate them on millimeter wave technology, the LPN-16, and how a vendor agnostic approach to public private partnerships could help them advance their economies through future investments in telecommunications infrastructure.

Mrs. Linden has continued to maintain our relationships internationally and with the patent award for the LPN-16, the ongoing development of Wytec’s approach to sales and marketing of 5G technology to underserved SMBs and the continuous growth and need for high-performance technologies that can be commercialized quickly Wytec is poised to work more closely with the ITU in pursuing international opportunities.

This story will progressively be updated.